DB dining car WRüm Roco

DB dining car WRüm

Anonymous photo on reisezugwagen.eu.

Roco 45814


DB dining car WRüm132.

UIC number Revision Date
51 80 88-80 209-6 20.3.70
Home base: Hamburg Altona

196 g; 132 g after removing the ballast (NEM : 126 to 164 g).

Overall appearance very satisfactory. The windows are well inserted. Markings are sharp. Few parts to mount: the heating cables and two mysterious parts that look like steps, of which I found at last the location. See Modifications below.

Excellent respect of the scale except for the slightly excessive width.

Interior: floor, partitions and tables ivory, seats orange. The side walls are not painted.

The weight is excessive. The wheels are a little too large, very bright. The flanges are really big: 1.15 mm. The running, in plastic bearings, without being bad, is not excellent. The brake blocks are very far from the wheels.

See :


  • Wheels changed for burnished (condition of the photo).
  • Ballast (70 g) deleted.
  • Lighting powered by wires wrapped on the axles, and controlled by latching reed switch.
  • Small manoeuvring steps mounted. To do this, you just have to slightly separate the chassis from the body, allowing access to the attachment points. See the image.Mounting the steps

Coaches manufactured from 1964 to 1968 in 27 units by O & K. Ex-WR4üm-64. Speed ​​limit: 160 or 200 km/h; length: 27.5 m. Two dining rooms with 18 and 24 seats.

According to Heinrich Hanke, on delivery, some of these coaches wore the beige / red TEE livery and the others were painted red for use on long-distance trains. However, red vehicles could also be seen in TEE trains. In fact, in La légende des TEE by Maurice Mertens, page 205, we can see the TEE 32/33 Parsifal in the 1970s with a red WRmh132.


Voiture DB WRüm RocoVoiture DB WRüm Roco

Voiture DB WRüm RocoVoiture DB WRüm Roco

DB dining car WRüm

Anonymous photo on reisezugwagen.eu.

27 500 316.1 315.5
27 200 312.6 312.7
2 805 32.2 33.0
4 050 46.6 46.3 1
19 500 224.1 224.0
2 500 28.7 28.6
920 10.6 10.9
  1. 46.2 - 1-point suspension end; 46.4 opposite.