DB dining car WRüm Roco

DB dining car WRüm

Anonymous photo on reisezugwagen.eu.

Roco 45814


DB dining car WRüm132.

UIC number Revision Date
51 80 88-80 209-6 20.3.70
Home base: Hamburg Altona

196 g; 132 g after deleting the ballast (NEM : 126 to 164 g).

Overall appearance very satisfactory. The windows are well inserted. Markings are sharp. Few parts to mount: the heating cables and two mysterious parts that look like steps, but I was unable to find their location.

Excellent respect of the scale except for the slightly excessive width.

Interior: floor, partitions and tables ivory, seats orange. The side walls are not painted.

The weight is excessive. The wheels are a little too large, very bright. The flanges are really big: 1.15 mm. The running, in plastic bearings, without being bad, is not excellent. The brake shoes are very far from the wheels.

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  • Wheels changed for burnished (condition of the photo).
  • Ballast (70 g) deleted.
  • Lighting powered by wires wrapped on the axles, and controlled by latching reed switch. The LEDs are directed towards the ceiling, where a reflector returns the light down into the rooms (indirect lighting).

Cars manufactured from 1964 to 1968 in 27 units by O & K. Ex-WR4üm-64. Speed ​​limit: 160 or 200 km/h; length: 27.5 m. Two dining rooms with 18 and 24 seats.

According to Heinrich Hanke, on delivery, some of these cars wore the beige / red TEE livery and the others were painted red for use on long-distance trains. However, red vehicles could also be seen in TEE trains. In fact, in La légende des TEE by Maurice Mertens, page 205, we can see the TEE 32/33 Parsifal in the 1970s with a red WRmh132.


Voiture DB WRüm RocoVoiture DB WRüm Roco

Voiture DB WRüm RocoVoiture DB WRüm Roco

DB dining car WRüm

Anonymous photo on reisezugwagen.eu.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 27 500 316.1 315.5
Body length 27 200 312.6 312.7
Body width 2 805 32.2 33.0
Height 4 050 46.6 46.3 1
Pivot distance 19 500 224.1 224.0
Bogie wheelbase 2 500 28.7 28.6
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.9
  1. 46.2 - 1-point suspension end; 46.4 opposite.