DB Avmz207 coach Roco

DB Avmz207 coach

Photo Ferry van Schagen on drehscheibe-online.de.

Roco 74123-C


Compartment Avmz207 coach of the DB, for TEE and Inter City trains.

UIC Number Revision Date
61 80 19-90 540-4 30.10.77
Home: Frankfurt (M) Hbf

179 g (NEM: 121 to 158 g)

Coaches of Erasmus set including three coaches ref. 74123, era IVb of Germany, i.e. end of seventies.

These coaches have in common a rather mediocre painting, “orange peel”, an equally mediocre pad printing, making sometimes difficult to read the revision dates and other information, and non burnished, very bright wheels. They are sold with no individual box.

Wheel sets: 1.1 mm flanged wheels, back-to-back distance 14.3. Length between tips 24.8.

The elongation system tends to release easily, retained only by a washer on the bogie axis, which doesn’t have a rotation stop.

This coach is too heavy of at least 21 g, and too high of almost 1 mm.

The handrails are not mounted, as well as many parts under frame.

The roof is less easily disassembled than on other coaches of the set because the snap system is not the same. The interior is rather simplistic: light brown floor and walls, light red seats. The windows are tinted in mauve, including those of the toilets.

The general organization is very similar to that of Roco UIC X coaches.


From a European study conducted by the UIC, on plans of German origin, these European standard air-conditioned coaches (VSE) with 9 1st class compartments, were built in 100 units for Germany, in 1977 and 1978, by Left-Hoffmann-Busch.

Bogies FIAT Y 0270 S. Tare 42 t. Speed limit 160 or 200 km/h. UIC numbers 61 80 19-90 501 to 600. Empty weight 45 t.


DB Avmz207 coach RocoDB Avmz207 coach Roco

DB Avmz207 coach

Photo Ferry van Schagen on drehscheibe-online.de.

26 400 303.4 303.6
25 100 288.5 289.5
26 100 300.0 300.6
2 825 32.5 33.0
4 050 46.6 47.5
19 000 218.4 218.0
(MD) 2 500 28.7 29.0
920 10.6 11.0