DB ARDmh105 coach Roco

Bar DB ARDümh105

Collection Dirk Frielingsdorf on bundesbahnbilder.blogspot.com.

Roco 74123-A


DB ARDmh105 bar coach.

UIC Number Revision Date
61 80 84-90 101-5 14.5.79
Home: Frankfurt (M) Hbf

197 g; 136 g after removing the ballast (NEM: 126 to 164 g).

Coaches of Erasmus set including three coaches ref. 74123, era IVb of Germany, i.e. end of seventies.

These coaches have in common a rather mediocre painting, “orange peel”, an equally mediocre pad printing, making sometimes difficult to read the revision dates and other information, and non burnished, very bright wheels. They are sold with no individual box.

Wheel sets: 1.1 mm flanged wheels, back-to-back distance 14.3. Length between tips 24.8.

The ARDmh105 coach is too heavy of at least 33 g.

The handrails are mounted. A bogie damper misses. Black sill.

The roof is easily removed, revealing a decorated interior: orange-beige floor and kitchen, apple green seats, as well as bar stools and benches (plus some red chairs), white tables and lamps in the adjoining dining room. The corridor wall is transparent.

The drawbars’ longitudinal clearance is im­portant: 1.5 mm. This is not the case for other coaches of Erasmus sets, nor for the WRüm132 coach ref. 45814 which however has a similar chassis.



  • Burnished wheels.
  • Ballast (68 g) removed.
  • Lighting powered by wires wrapped on the axles, and controlled by latching reed switch.
  • Partial drawbar clearance correction by gluing a 0.5 mm thick Evergreen strip to the “seagull wing”. See the image.Correcting drawbar clearance
  • Small manoeuvring steps mounted. To do this, you just have to slightly separate the chassis from the body, allowing access to the attachment points. See the image.Mounting the steps

Coaches manufactured in 1964 or 1965 in 11, 12 or 14 units (depending on sources), designated ARD4üm-64 at beginning. Speed limit: 160 or 200 km/h; length: 27.5 m. Manufacturers: Wegmann, Hansa and Waggon- und Maschinenbau GmbH Donauwörth (WMD). They include four compartments, an 18-seat dining room, an 11-seat bar, a payphone and a luggage compartment. Cancellation in 1982.


DB ARDmh105 coach RocoDB ARDmh105 coach Roco

DB ARDmh105 coach RocoDB ARDmh105 coach Roco

Bar DB ARDümh105

Collection Dirk Frielingsdorf on bundesbahnbilder.blogspot.com.

27 500 316.1 316.4
27 200 312.6 313.2
2 805 32.2 32.6
4 050 46.6 46.8 1
19 500 224.1 224.3
(MD) 2 500 28.7 28.2
920 10.6 11.0
  1. On average. 46.7 two-point suspension end; 47.0 on the other end.