DB Apmz121 coach Piko

DB Apmz121 coach

Anonymous photo, Ferry van Schagen collection on drehscheibe-online.de.

Piko 59661


DB Apmz121 coach with central corridor of the DB, for TEE and Intercity trains.

UIC number Revision Date
61 80 18-90 063-8 9.2.82
Home base: München

163 g; 142 g after ballast reduction (NEM: 121 to 158 g).

Very beautiful appearance: the paint is well applied, the windows are well inserted and have a very thin frame. Pad printing is clear. The route indicator displays the IC586 Ernst Barlach train München - Würzburg - Hannover - Hamburg-Altona.

The heating cables are moulded with the body, but the hand rails are inserted. The underframe is not very detailed, but it does not matter, because it is largely masked by the body skirts, the indentations of which were lengthened in front of the bogies, probably to facilitate their movement. The version with black rocker panels will be more discreet on this point.

The interior is all right, but one-colour..

The wheels are a priori too large, and yet the total height is too low: at least 0.5 mm are missing. Coupled for example to the Roco WRüm coach, the difference is very visible.

The plastic of the bogies is fragile: their disassembly to correct the height resulted in the almost systematic breaking of the pivot clips.



  • Correction of the height with 0.5 mm thick washer on the one-point suspension end, and with 0.75 thick polystyrene shims on the other end. It was necessary to give clearance to the pivots by filing the bottom of the pivot clips.
  • Wheels changed for ø 10.9. Condition of the photo.
  • Ballast of 52 g replaced with another of 25 g.
  • Lighting powered by wires wrapped on the axles, and controlled by latching reed switch.

Series of 100 air-conditioned central corridor coaches, ex-Ap4üm 62, built from 1962 to 1975 to operate in TEE formerly in Diesel VT11.5 trains. There have been several evolutions (121.0, etc.), with rounded roof ends, then vertical from 1965.

Characteristics: tare: 43 t; speed limit: 160 or 200 km/h; bogies Minden-Deutz; number of seats: 48.


DB Apmz121 coach PikoDB Apmz121 coach Piko

DB Apmz121 coach

Anonymous photo, Ferry van Schagen collection on drehscheibe-online.de.

26 400 303.4 303.0
25 100 288.5 288.5
26 100 300.0 299.7
2 825 32.5 32.2
4 050 46.6 46.1 1
19 000 218.4 218.2
(MD) 2 500 28.7 28.8
920 10.6 11.4
  1. After correction : 46.6 - 2-point suspension end, 46.4 opposite.