B10t modernized Sud-Est Bruhat coach Roco

B10t Bruhat coach

Photo J.-P. Demoy.

Roco 54312


B10t Sud-Est coach known as Bruhat, ex “ty” of the PLM, rebuilt.

UIC number Revision date
50 87 20-47 655-7 5 Missing

155 g (NEM: 103 to 133 g)

This nice car is of a rather old design. The decoration is minimalist: no end nor frame marking, no revision date. The bellows suspension is reduced to simple stumps, and no folded bellows are provided. The ventilators and the handrails are to be assembled, difficult for the side ones which don’t have a location provided.

The proportions are fairly well respected, except for the pivot distance. The WL bogies are fairly rustic, and the wheels, as usual, are too small in diameter.

The interior layout, in one part, is also quite coarse.

The model’s UIC number corresponds to none indicated in the Encyclopedia of SNCF coaches.



  • Assembly of ventilators and electric jumpers.
  • Possible fitting of folded bellows from an Est Roco coach. The exchange is facilitated by sticking the mobile gateway with Patafix. However, the shape of the handrails and bellows holders is not compliant with the original.
  • Door handrails assembled using a template.
  • Bogies replaced with REE Y16.
  • Lighting: current pickup by wires wrapped around the axles; control by latching reed switch.

See the modified coach. Modified Bruhat Roco coach

PLM and Armistice (ex-DR) original coaches rebuilt between 1956 and 1962. They were completely transformed, with elongation by welding in the centre of a new section in the form of an access platform. They are provided with gangways and can therefore be integrated into long-distance trains.

Number of modernized coaches: 318; tare: 38 to 42 t; speed limit: 140 km/h; bogies: C (WL) often replaced by Y2 or Y16. UIC registration 50 87 20-44 423 to 491, 496 to 812, 50 87 20-47 423 and 491. End of radiation in 1991. Source: Encyclopédie des voitures SNCF, p. 218.


Voiture B10 Sud-Est Bruhat RocoVoiture B10 Sud-Est Bruhat Roco

B10t Bruhat coach

Photo J.-P. Demoy.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 22 288 256.2 257.0
Body length 20 988 241.2 243.0
Body width 2 955 34.0 34.4
Height 3 935 45.2 45.4
Pivot distance 15 130 173.9 178.2
Bogie wheelbase (Y26) 2 500 28.7 28.4
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 11.0