Cyi Nord coach

Photo Coll. La Vie du Rail.



ABz Nord

UIC number Revision date
50 87 28-30 515-4 2

91 g (NEM: 97 to 126 g)

I did not really appreciate the fact that, for the price, there was no serious instruction sheet in the box: the manufacturer simply referred to an article in the Indépendant du Rail magazine, of which he was the publisher… Did you think “forced sale”?

Good condition.

Wheels ø 10.7; flanges 1 mm. Flank spacing 14.3 mm. Brake blocks not facing the treads.


Bogie side pivots reinforced.

Built between 1931 and 1935, 21.30 m long. They had two platforms, between which there were six windows for the B and C type, and five bays for the A type. This is not specified for the ABs of 1935, but, as they were downgraded in C during some time, we can assume that they also had six windows. The trains consisted of eight or nine coaches.

Nord suburban couplingThe coaches were connected by their Pulmann metal “bellows”, not by their buffers which were thus set back; RMA/CPMR did the opposite! See the Loco-Revue forum Voitures de banlieue. They were equipped with the Willison automatic coupling, plus a conventional screw coupling to be coupled to non-equipped machines (16500 for example).



Cyi Nord coach

Photo Coll. La Vie du Rail.

Dimension (PLM coach) 1:87
20 640 237.2 241.0
Length over bellows 20 990 241.2 236.6
20 000 229.9 229.0
2 978 34.2 34.1
4 005 46.0 46.0
14 500 166.7 163.3
2 500 28.7 28.3
920 10.6 10.7