Suburban Hornby

B Est car

Photo Jean-Pierre Dumont on

Hornby 7350, 7360


Pseudo Est type suburban car

Price 1966 : F9.50

Three Bmy, one Amy:

  • One B in original state with metal bogies, Hornby couplings;
  • One B with metal bogies, painting tests;
  • One B with plastic bogies (from Est van), standard couplings;
  • One A with narrowed metal bogies, standard couplings, one broken.

Rather fanciful: the real Est suburban cars have five or six windows between the two access doors (at least in 2nd class, and for the versions without 3rd central door). Length 242 mm, should be 260.

Cars built between 1932 and 1933 (“heavy” type cars), 22.570 m long. They had two platforms (A and B), or three platforms for the C type..


Suburban HornbySuburban Hornby

B Est car

Photo Jean-Pierre Dumont on