Ub sleeping car LSModels

Ub type sleeping car

Photo Lothar Behlau on forum.e-train.fr.

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Type Ub (ex-Y) sleeping car

UIC number (DB) ex-CIWL Rev. date
71 80 71-41 636-4 3879 28.7.72

142 g (NEM: 108 to 140 g)

The UIC number is wrong: the wagonslits.de website gives 40 636 (which gives the correct self-checking digit 4).

Quality: very good, apart from the short-circuit due to a brass chip in a bogie, the badly embedded glazing, especially on the corridor side, as on the F-type sleeping cars, and the wheels that rub on the inside of the side beams!

An effort is to be noticed on the instruction sheet (parts, dismantling, etc.).



  • Steps, wheels, and brake blocks painted. Electric heating cables mounted.
  • Bad rolling problem solved. See the explanation.

By crossing the information of the Loco-Revue forum (in particular, too much clearance between bearings), and my findings (the painting of the wheel flanks was systematically removed), I realized that the ends of the internal parts of the side beams “rebelled” towards the inside. At the same time, the wheel, having too much clearance, could come rubbing on it (hence the painting that was leaving). So two actions were done:

  • Slightly push the brass bearings from the outside (after removing the outer part of the side beams + axle boxes) and hold them in this position with a drop of superglue;
  • Thin the inner side beam ends with a file, and glue them with superglue.

This car is part of a small motley series (No. 3871 to 3887), resulting from the reconstruction of various older cars. No. 3879 comes from Type Z No. 2720 of 1926, rebuilt by Ansaldo in Genoa in 1950.

11 compartments. Original layout: 22 beds, later 33 (change from Y to U). PP bogies with roller axle boxes.

Although under DB management, it was able to circulate in France, like its sister of the photo, No. 3883, photographed in Narbonne in 1972.

In the name Ub, U stands for Universal, i.e. each compartment can be arranged for one (single), two (double) or three (triple) travellers. The b means that the interior partitions were originally made of wood (bois in French), although they were later replaced, usually by laminate.


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Ub sleeping car LSModelsUb sleeping car LSModels

Ub type sleeping car

Photo Lothar Behlau on forum.e-train.fr.

23 450 270.0 270.0
22 200 255.2 255.7
2 822 32.4 32.6
4 005 46.0 46.5
16 000 184.0 183.6
(PPs) 2 500 28.7 28.6
1 050 12.1 12.0