Rivarossi MU sleeping car

Voiture lits MU

Photo Louis Pilloux in La Vie du Rail.

Rivarossi 2517


MU type sleeping car

CIWL number Rev. date
4740 4.5.64

124 g (NEM: 121 to 158 g)

This car was recently offered to me by a friend. Excellent condition except a missing coupling. The box is also in very good condition, inside and outside, without cracks.

At the time of its release, this car had caused a sensation compared to the production of the time. I wonder why the manufacturer had thought fit to shorten it by 12 mm (only!)? However, as often, the width and height are oversized.

Coaches No. CIWL 4701 to 4740 built by Brisonneau & Lotz in 1964. The bogies are Y24L, except for the last four coaches, equipped with Minden bogies.

These coaches were not air-conditioned.


Rivarossi MU sleeping carRivarossi MU sleeping car

MU sleeping car

Photo Louis Pilloux in La Vie du Rail.