MU sleeping car Jouef

MU sleeping car

Photo Tobias Köhler on railfaneurope.

Jouef HJ4019


Type MU sleeping car

UIC number ex-CIWL Rev. date
71 87 72-80 634-2 4845 (?) 21.3.79
Home base: Landy

192 g; 140 g after deleting the ballast (NEM: 121 to 158 g).

“Banana shaped” car 1 mm as shown in this photo compressed to highlight the defect (it’s not a deformation due to the camera). If you doubt, see the ABm225 DB Roco whose deformation is the opposite, photo taken under the same conditions. The roof is not well joining.Jouef MU sleeping car “banana shaped”

(Plastic) spring buffers useless because the bellows are in contact (unless coupled directly to a loco).

NEM boxes are removable and have two different possible positions.

According to Pierre B in the Loco-Revue forum, this car does not correspond to the type indicated, because it does not have the two toilets side compartments, as on the photo of Tobias Köhler (car ÖBB), but one on each side. We see that the position of the two small windows does not match. On the other side, there should be only one small window. The ACME car is correct from this point of view.

Warning: this car does not disassemble conventionally: after (easily) unclipped the roof, don’t try to spread the sides of the body by inserting plastic cards, because a false inner frame moulded with the body prevents that. Simply remove the end clips from the inside using a screwdriver, then pull the chassis.



  • Ballast (52 g) deleted.

Cars No. CIWL 4833 to 4868 (UIC) built by FIAT from 1973 to 1974, air-conditioned. They are characterized by the fact that they don’t have skirts between the bogies, and that the two toilets are side by side, compartments side. The UIC numbers change according to the owner administration and the regime (61: national park; 71: TEN pool).

The Jouef car, whose toilets are on both sides, is therefore false and would be a non-air-conditioned car, built in 1964, either by Donauwörth, equipped with skirts (which may have been removed during a revision), but the handle length doesn’t match; or by Fiat Materiale Ferroviario, but here, the bogie type doesn’t match (Y24L).


MU sleeping car JouefMU sleeping car Jouef

MU sleeping car

Photo Tobias Köhler on railfaneurope.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 26 400 303.4 304.0
Chassis length 25 100 288.5 291.0
Body width 2 820 32.4 32.8
Height 4 260 49.0 48.9
Pivot distance 19 000 218.4 218.0
Bogie wheelbase (MD) 2 500 28.7 28.1
Wheel diameter 960 11.0 10.2