Kangourou accessories REE

Loading of a Kangourou semi-trailer

Anonymous photo in L’UIRR a 30 ans.

REE CB-023 et WB-356


Tractor, mobile loading ramp and semi-trailer “Kangourou”

Another production reminiscent of the Jouef of our youth, but much finer of course. There were several types of manoeuvre tractors; REE chose the same as the old Jouef. Would they play on nostalgia?

I have more than a doubt about the apple green colour of the tractor and the ramp, too loud for my taste. See the beautiful pictures of Undertaker on forum-train.fr. I’ll have to seriously weather all this. A silvering at the back of the tractor headlights also lacks.

Like the previous ones, the semi-trailer is proposed with an additional long stand for parking.


The tractor cab was stuck, but so slightly that I thought it was removable. Putting a driver in it was not difficult, but he is a bit too high. The cabin is fixed with a little white glue.

Headlights’ back silvered with a brush fed with a silver felt pen. See the photo of the disassembled tractor: the chassis is assembled with four pins; disassembling is easy. See the before / after comparison.Kangourou tractor openTractor before / after silvering the headlights

The 200 series tractor, based on Berliet, was put into service in 1964. The Kangourou tractors are equipped on the front side with a flat part (above the headlights) that can be used to push the wagons. Source: see below. This possibility should not be used often, considering the impeccable condition of this zone…

See also the page on Kangourou wagons.


Rail Miniature Flash No. 599 of June 2015.

Kangourou Accessories REEKangourou Accessories REE

For the decoration of the picture (embedded track), I used old Jouef bridge decks on which I stuck thick cardboard strips with double-sided adhesive.

Loading of a Kangourou semi-trailer

Anonymous photo in L’UIRR a 30 ans.