Tender 30 A 287 Jouef

Tender 38 A 1 Jouef

Jouef 8255 et 8256 (without locomotive 231-K)


Tender 30 A 287 ex-PLM and 38 A 1 ex-Nord

272 and 279 g

New in 1973 for 231-K-82 Nord. See Loco-Revue No. 344 of November 1973, page 511. New in 1977 for 231-K-72 Sud-Est.

These orphan tenders were recently offered to me by a friend. Their engine is still vigorous and the traction tyres are in good condition. I tried them with my 231-K-82 (previous page) without any problem.

Medium condition: the Nord tender has all of its upper guardrails bent; the PLM tender has its handrail upper supports broken.

No original box.

See Philippe Galaup’s website Les trains Jouef.

Tender 30-A-287 JouefTender 30-A-287 Jouef

Tender 38-A-1 JouefTender 38-A-1 Jouef