Travelling post office PA type 1974 LS Models

Travelling post office PA type 1974

Photo Coll. G. Coudert on DocRail.

LS Models 40421-1 and 40421-2


Travelling post office PA type 1974

UIC number Revision date
51 87 00-87 026-5 4 13.9.74
51 87 00-87 006-7 4 16.1.74

147 g (NEM: 121 to 158 g)

The box contains two 1974 PA and one OCEM PAz, all for the gentle price of about €250, i.e. an average of €84 each. Compared to other productions with a visible interior, this is very expensive!

The appearance is very satisfactory (the roof and the body are in one piece, so there is no joint problem…). The scale is almost perfectly respected. Some parts are not well assembled: inscription plates, buffers with divergent squinting. This is strangely often the case at LSM: bad design of the tenons?

The Y24 bogies are as usual fitted with brass bearings. The running is good. The brake discs are present. The wheels have a diameter of 10.7 mm and 0.9 mm flanges. The wheel back-to-back distance is 14.3 mm (NEM: 14.5 ± 0.1). The length of the axles is 24.7 mm.

A number of spare parts are provided: two steps, two electric jumpers, plus four steps to be fitted under the chassis, the original ones being fitted to the bogies. There are also the classic parts to decorate the buffer beams, with an extra one for each. The cable connection boxes fit quite easily and hold sufficiently, so no gluing is required. See photo.Spare parts

There is no problem inserting the couplings, and the heads can be in two positions: one fully inserted, and one 2 mm apart. The drawbars slide without any hard points.

When fitted with Profi heads, the vans are almost in contact when stationary. See photo But the drawbars have a lot of clearance: the gap can be up to 3 mm, or 1.5 mm per drawbar.No gap between the vans (stationary)


The PA (bureau de poste ambulant) vans, type 1974, 26.40 m long, were built in 114 units from 1973 to 1980 by Établissements Soulé in Bagnères de Bigorre. They are equipped with Y24X bogies with mixed shoe and disc brakes.

Tare 47.5 t. Load 10 t. Speed limit 160 km/h.

Original registration numbers: 51 87 00-87 001-x to 099-x, 51 87 00-87 341-x to 343-x, and 50 87 00-77 344-x to 355-x.

Postmen were on board and sorted the mail contained in the postal bags during the train journey. Compared to the OCEM PA, the sorting room is only slightly larger, but the comfort is much improved, with dust removing tables, good thermal insulation and proper heating.


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Travelling post office PA type 1974 LS ModelsTravelling post office PA type 1974 LS Models

Travelling post office PA type 1974

Photo Coll. G. Coudert on DocRail.

26 400 303.4 305.0
26 100 300.0 299.8
25 100 288.5 290.0
2 825 32.5 32.8
4 230 48.6 49.1
19 000 218.4 218.3
2 300 26.4 26.2
920 10.6 10.7