OCEM PEz mail carrying car LS Models

OCEM PEz mail carrying car

Photo EC64 on Forum e-train.

LS Models 40413-2


OCEM type PEz mail carrying car

UIC number Revision date
50 87 00-87 579-4 1 15.10.74

113 g (NEM: 99 to 129 g)

Very fine (roof handrails, buffers, etc.). Brass bearings, and even if the bogie inner side beams “rebel” a little, the wheels turn without rubbing. No difficulty to replace deployed bellows with folded ones, the first being not glued.

Delivered with a small trolley with mailbags, which could be rather yellow than burgundy (the PTT having adopted the yellow for their road vehicles far before doing it for the wagons).

Still the same problem of NEM box too narrow. In fact, the thickness of the tail of provided standard couplings is 1.4 mm, while the Fleischmann Profi are 1.65, and the NEM 362 imposes 1.75−0.05 for the inside height of the box!



  • Drawbar boxes mangled to accept a coupling.
  • Steps, buffers, infrastructure, brake shoes painted.

The 157 PEz mail carrying cars result from the transformation of OCEM 26/29 post office cars in the 1970s by the Cannes La Bocca workshops. They were equipped with Y24Jz bogies.

Registration (for the 35 first units):

50 87 00-47 501-7 to 508-2
50 87 00-87 509-1 to 512-5
50 87 00-47 513-2 to 535-5
Management: Sud-Est

Unlike post office cars (Paz), the mail carrying cars are not equipped for mail sorting, but only for the transport of mail bags.


OCEM PEz mail carrying car LS ModelsOCEM PEz mail carrying car LS Models

OCEM PEz mail carrying car

Photo EC64 on Forum e-train.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 21 570 247.9 248.0
Chassis length 20 280 233.1
Body width 2 912 33.5 33.8
Height 4 068 46.8 47.0
Pivot distance 14 680 168.7 168.4
Bogie wheelbase 2 300 26.4 26.2
Wheel diameter 920 10.6 10.6