YMO 25005 REE

YMO 25005

Photo Ghitescu (Loco-Revue sheet).

REE MB-078


YMO 25005 2 type Moyse 32 TDE

Mass / current at slipping / blocked

77 g / 40 to 46 mA depending on direction / 170 mA under 12 V.

The box is a little big for such a small machine! In any case, it is well protected. I was expecting a historical leaflet like the draisine’s, but nope…

See the shunter from the other end. Note the extreme fineness of the bonnets’ handrails. YMO 25005 REE front view

Good respect of the scale, however with a cab a little too wide and a little too low. An axle is mounted in an oscillating holder, which gives a three-point suspension favourable to the power pickup.

The cab interior, very visible, is reproduced in detail: one can particularly see the generator that protrudes into the cab!

The railings, handles and buffer handles are inserted (of course) and very fine. The drawbars — not elongating, it would be useless here — are dovetailed. Reminder: dovetail coupling, reference Roco 40287, Fleischmann Profi 6570.

A standard coupling is mounted at the rear. At the front, no drawbar is mounted, but there is one provided in the bag of parts, with two single hook drawbars allowing for mounting complete screw coupling and pneumatic hose.

Some regrets: some parts are badly fitted (buffers, headlights). In these, the LEDs, very visible, are not centred; some are lower, others higher: it squints! The wires are too visible. Finally, a touch of silver paint inside the optics would have been welcome.

Detailing parts supplied: in addition to the coupling bars already mentioned, there is one (yes, only one!) complete screw coupling, only one (of course!) complete brake hose, two shortened hooks and two shortened brake hoses. There are also spare parts, only one (also!) of each: one buffer handle, one small handle (above the cabin windows), one sandpit pipe. There are finally three photo-etched builder plates (red diamond) of which here is the appearance once the colour layer is scraped.Buider plate The smallest letters (PARIS) are hardly fifteen hundredths of a millimetre high…

Finally, an interesting fact: according to the instruction sheet, a power pack would be available as spare part for this shunter, under ref. B-12048-00.

See Loco-Revue forum.


  • Installation of the Zimo MX630P16 decoder, without particular difficulty; however, the cab is not removed as easily as indicated in the notice sheet, for fear of breaking! It is better to spread a little the bottom of the walls to the outside.
  • Touch of colour, black on the control levers, and red on the brake lever.
  • Installation of a capacitor power tank.


Series of eight shunters with electric transmission YMO 25001 to 25008 (ex 15000) built in 1944, 1945 and 1951 by Gaston Moyse in La Courneuve, according to a type already used in many units in the industry. Withdrawn in 1971-72.

Main features: Diesel power 110 kW (150 hp) at 1500 rpm. Rated power 88 kW (120 hp). Weight in running order 32 t. Speed ​​limit 22 km/h.

Transmission by DC generator and DC motor, the latter driving the axles by chains.

Region of assignment: Nord. Seven assigned to MT (Matériel et Traction), one to VB (Voies et Bâtiments).

Source: Loco-Revue sheet below.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 461 / 121973 - 73 c 39 (former series). Sheet preview.LR sheet
  • Wikipedia article.
  • Photos of Moyse shunters on Wikimedia.

YMO 25005 REEYMO 25005 REE

YMO 25005

Photo Ghitescu (Loco-Revue sheet).

6 770 77.8 80.4
5 640 64.8 65.0
Overall width 2 810 32.3 31.6
Cab width 2 300 26.4 27.3
3 450 39.7 39.1
2 834 32.6 32.5
950 10.9 10.9

Suggestion to the manufacturer: provide only complete brake hoses. It will result in one less part to manage, and we are still able to cut them ourselves to the desired length! Do you know Columbus’s egg?