Y 2139 REE

Y 2139

Photo Alain Gallé on Le train d’Alain.

REE MB-146


Y 2139 2 BDR

Mass / slipping / stalled current

73 g / 45 mA / 170 mA under 12 V.

Very small indeed! At first glance, everything is spotless, except for the little rear bonnet that yawns upwards. It seems to be glued a bit crooked.

As always with REE, the fittings are very fine: all the decking is in photoetched metal. Photo-etched plates are supplied to replace the stamped markings. The functional headlights are fitted with a tiny LED. The detail parts for the buffer beams are easily fitted and fit without the need for gluing. These include one-piece moulded screw couplings, but with perforated elements (e.g. shackle).

The wheels, which are not burnished, have 0.8 mm flanges and are fitted with holes for lathe. Unfortunately, they are too small (diameter 10.85 for 12.1). There must be a mechanical reason for this. The axles comply with the NEM: wheel back-to-back distance 14.4 mm.

Mechanically, both axles are driven directly by worm gear. The rear axle is oscillating, which is favourable for current picking. A NEM 364 standard drawbar (dovetail head attachment) is fitted at the rear. A second one is provided to fit the front if required. Travel is possible, but very limited. Moreover, the plastic return springs are too rigid to allow pivoting. See a picture of the drawbar.Drawbar

Electrically, before running in and on DC, the no-load start occurs at 3.4 V. With my timekeeping wagon, idling is sustained at 11 km/h at 2.5 V, at 16 km/h at 3 V, but with noticeable pumping. At 12 V, the speed is 110 km/h, which is a lot! The grip is not great, and slippage is never far away, but this is not surprising.

The digital interface indicated in the supplied manual is PluX16. I don’t know if the Zimo MX630P16 decoder that was recommended for the Moyse is suitable (20 × 11 × 3.5 mm), but it is often unavailable. There is an even smaller ESU Lokpilot V5 Micro DCC PluX16 ref. 59824, which measures 13 × 9.2 × 2.9 mm. It is priced about the same as the Zimo, at about €36.


Series of 52 petrol engine shunters built in 1952 and 1953 by Baudet, Donon & Roussel (BDR). They were written off in the 1970s.

Main characteristics: Renault engine, power 33 kW (45 hp). Mass in running order 14 t. Speed limit 52 km/h.

Mechanical transmission with eight speeds, driving the axles by chains.

Region of assignment: all.


Y 2139 REE front viewY 2139 REE front view

Y 2139 REE rear viewY 2139 REE rear view

Y 2139

Photo Alain Gallé on Le train d’Alain.

5 780 66.4 68.0
4 600 52.9 53.2
Largeur hors-tout 2 800 32.2 32.4
3 235 37.2 37.5
3 000 34.5 34.5
1050 12.1 10.9