020 Decauville-Steatite Jouef

Locomotive Decauville

Decauville document on Forum e-train.

Jouef V10


020 Decauville

New in 1967.

This model is (badly) treated on a scale varying between 1:50 (for the wheelbase) and 1:67 (for the width), but it has aroused and still arouses great sympathy.

Out of order.

This 3 tonnes 60 cm track locomotive was built in 1904 and delivered to De Chefdebien et Cie for its Cobazet quarry in the Eastern Pyrenees. It was sold to the city of Perpignan in 1964, but the project of restoration did not take effect and it was scrapped in 1978. Source: Forum e-train, le Chemin de fer de Cobazet.


020 Decauville-Steatite Jouef020 Decauville-Steatite Jouef

Decauville locomotive

Decauville document on Forum e-train.