231-K-82 REE

231 K 82

Photo Gerald Robinson on Flickr.com.

REE MB-013


4-6-2 2 231-K-82 et tender 38-A-58

Mass (loco + tender) / Max. current

476 g / 0.65 A

A historical notice is delivered with the machine. The instructions for use is quite complete. Nevertheless, there are omissions or inaccuracies. For example, for lifting the tender body, a plastic part stuck under the chassis interferes, but this is not reported.

A little disappointment: the machine is equipped with the original smoke box door hinge, while I would have preferred the Nord type, to illustrate the marche ultime et triomphale de la dernière Pacific française (ultimate and triumphal race of the last French Pacific). But the truth is that the machine was then in Calais and no longer in Aulnoye. Perhaps a Nord type smoke box door will be offered as a spare part, since normally appearing on the preserved K-8. Yes! See Modifications below!

Some parts are to be mounted for curves greater than 420 mm: front ladders, firebox side walls, etc. The coal in the tender hopper is realistic.

The machine is driving. The third driving axle has rubber tyres. The front bogie spring, a bit too strong, maybe calculated for machines with smoke generator, somewhat lifts the first driving axle. A decoder slot is provided in the tender. The machine-tender connection is made by a cable with a connector in the tender; the latter is therefore easily separable when needed.

The lighting is reversible, but only white. The headlights are a little too thick. The dovetail rear drawbar does not maintain a standardized coupling head at all: gluing mandatory. And the coupling is too high: the dovetail hardly let adjusting it properly.

Starting at about 3.5 V DC. Slip consumption at 12 V: 610 mA.

The contact strips are very (too?) flexible, and the current pickup is random, especially on the tender wheels.



231-K-82 with Nord smoke box door
  • Detail parts mounted: piston rod sleeves, front ladders, firebox flanks.
  • Lenz Silver+ decoder.
  • Smoke box door replaced by type Nord model (part courtesy of REE). Unfortunately, the diameter of the domed part of this door is obviously too large — the same mistake was made on the Jouef! For the final and triumphal race of the last French Pacific 11 January 1969, we should also change the lettering of the buffer beam, whose characters are no longer shaded, the cab plates, marked Aulnoye, and perhaps the colour of smoke guards that seem to have become green then. Maybe we’ll stop there…

Machines of PLM (Paris Lyon Méditerranée) origin (6200) built between 1919 and 1921 and modified according to the principles of André Chapelon in the 1930s. Following the electrification of the Sud-Est after the 2nd World War, they are transferred to the Est then to the Nord (La Chapelle, Boulogne, Tergnier) where they receive 38 m3 Nord tenders.

Main characteristics: maximum tractive effort 148 kN; speed limit 130 km/h; mass in running order 96.5 t (tender 80.5 t loaded).

The 231-K-82 was withdrawn on 11 January 1969 in Calais, at the same time as the K-8, 16, 22 and 27. This machine carried out the last commercial run of a Pacific in France, 11 January 1969. See below.


  • Loco-Revue diagram No. 1509 of the PLM 231 G. Size 595 × 418. Diagram preview.LR diagram
  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 85-86 65 d 8 of the 5 231 G.
  • Loco-Revue sheet of 37 m3 tenders No. 435 / 436 / 41973 - 73 a 37 (former series). Sheet preview.LR sheet p 1
  • La Vie du Rail No. 1181 of 16 February 1969. The last Flèche d’Or in steam with precisely the 231-K-82.
  • Photos of the 231-K-82 in 1978, parked in St-Etienne, by Tortillard_volant, on forum-train.fr.
  • Cover of Loco-Revue No. 344 of November 1973 and article p. 511.
  • Wikipedia article.

231-K-82 REE, rear view231-K-82 REE, rear view

231-K-82 REE231-K-82 REE

231 K 82

Photo Gerald Robinson on flickr.com. Please look at my Copyright page.

Profil 231
Loco dimensions 1:87
13 990 160.8 160.0
13 060 150.2 151.7
Cab width 2 880 33.1 34.7
Boiler diameter 1 840 1 21.2
Chimney height 4 250 48.9 48.8
Total wheelbase 11 230 129.0 129.0
Distance A (bogie) 2 300 26.4 26.3
Distance B 1 700 19.5 19.0
Distance C (motor wheels) 2 100 24.1 24.4
Distance D 3 030 34.8 34.0
Bogie wheel diameter 1 000 11.5 11.5
Driving wheel diameter 2 000 23.0 22.3
Dolly wheel diameter 1 360 15.6 15.6
  1. Dimension measured on diagram.
Tender dimensions 1:87
9 830 113.0 111.6
9 160 105.3 110.0
2 960 34.0 34.9
4 000 46.0 46.4
Total wheelbase 6 550 75.3 75.2
2 300 26.4 26.3
1 247 14.3 14.5