231-K-82 Jouef

231 K 82

Photo Defrance / La Vie du Rail.

Jouef 8355


231 K 82

Mass (loco + tender) / Max. current

153 g + 300 284 g (ballast decreased) / 0.35 A

New in 1973. See Loco-Revue No. 344 of November 1973, page 511.

At the time, I had replaced the original red lines with yellow ones (Jouef cut out decals). I had also glued a stainless steel plate under the tender chassis to stiffen it.

I bought wheel sets to replace those of the tender (a rim is deteriorated), but is it reasonable, given the difficulty of adapting the gears? I finally did it, see below.

The original box is complete.


  • Power supply by wires replacing the pickups. Ballast decreased. ESU LokPilot Basic decoder.
  • Tender wheel sets and buffers replaced. Transmission and power socket pickup modified. See photo.Tender 38-A-1 modified
  • Motor magnet replaced.

Machines of PLM origin (6200) built between 1919 and 1921 and modified according to André Chapelon’s principles in the 1930s. Following the electrification of the Sud-Est, they are transferred to Est and then to Nord (La Chapelle, Boulogne, Tergnier) where they receive 38 m3 tenders.

231-K-82 was withdrawn on 11 January 1969 in Calais, together with K-8, 16, 22 and 27.


  • La Vie du Rail No. 1181 of 16-02-1969. The last steam Golden Arrow with precisely the 231-K-82! Photo opposite.
  • Photos of the 231-K-8 on the web-trains.com website (Broken link).
  • Cover of Loco-Revue No. 344 of November 1973 and article p. 511.
  • Loco-Revue Forum on REE's future 231-G and 231-K-8.

231-K-82 Jouef231-K-82 Jouef

231 K 82

Photo Defrance / La Vie du Rail.

Tender wheel set, spoke wheels ø 14mm
€2,90 — price 2019 (€1,65 in 2009 when bought)
Ref. PE JR7 at micro-modele

Burnished brass buffers
€1,95 per 4 — price 2019 (€1,20 in 2009 when bought)
Ref. LU-TAMPON-BOMBE at micro-modele

Replacement magnets for Jouef motor
€5,40 per 2 — price 2019)
Ref. AIMANTS-2 at Rétro 64