231-E-13 Rivarossi

231 E 34

Photo SNCF.

Rivarossi 1336


231 E 13

Mass (loco + tender) / Max. current

235 + 155 g / 1.5 A

Working. One buffer and one lamp glass missing.

The original box is complete, but cracked in several places.


Tested on address 0 in DCC, this machine gives the worst result. Lenz Silver decoder. Motor changing in progress (the original one overheats and made the plastic drive shaft melt).

Construction from 1909. Modifications by André Chapelon at the workshops of Tours in 1934 (first sub-series, machines 1 to 20).


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 76 a 49 (former series).

231-E-13 Rivarossi231-E-13 Rivarossi

231 E 34

Photo SNCF.