030-TU-18 Jouef


Photo Perrelle / La Vie du Rail.

Jouef HJ2245


0-6-0 2 030-TU-18

Mass / Max. current slipping / blocked

141 g / 0.2 A / 0.5 A @ 12 V

Only one axle is driven by the motor. The others are driven by the connecting rods, which is not very mechanically favourable. The decoder socket is a 6-pin. The box has an inner case similar to that of the 40100 Trix. Supplied with two complete and detailed screw couplings (not moulded in one piece).

The left wheel of the central axle is clearly off-center (and this is not due to the clearance of the axle in its bearing). Fortunately (!), it does not touch the rail. But the current pickup by the central axle is illusory.
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The left steam pipe has obviously suffered a soldering iron (and it’s not me!)



Lenz Silver mini+ decoder.

Machines built in the USA from 1942 for the Transportation Corps. Theoretical traction force 110 kN. Speed ​​limit 50 km/h. Weight 45 t.

Quote from the REE website. This website gives Les Joncherolles as final depot of TU-18. This is a contradiction with some photos, including that of the Loco-Revue sheet, and one of the REE site, which indicate Le Bourget depot. But the TU-18 seems to have wandered around a lot…

The 030 TU 18 only knew depots of the Nord, except at the time just after the war when it was at the Thionville depot. On 3 May 1946, it left for its first assignment in the Nord in Hazebrouck. It was then transferred from 15 January 1951 to 30 November 1964 to the Fives depot, then to the Lille-La Délivrance depot from 1st December 1964 to 8 November 1967, and finally to Aulnoye from 9 November 1967 to 17 February 1969. It ended its career at Les Joncherolles from February 1969 to 1st June 1970, date of its withdrawal.

According to Le Train magazine quoted below, the 030-TU-18 was withdrawn at Les Joncherolles on 1st June 1970, the last withdrawn on the Nord being No. 20, on 15 December of the same year, at the same time as the TU-3 of Sarreguemines (Est).


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 5 / 11973 - 65 b 6 (former series). Note: the photo page 1 is precisely that of the TU-18, but the date is not indicated. It is marked Le Bourget. Sheet preview.LR sheet p 1
  • La Vie du Rail No. 1086 of 5 March 1967 au dépôt de Calais, p. 9, photo of the 030-TU-20 (above).
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  • Wikipedia article
  • Loco-Revue Forum on the REE machine.

030-TU-18 Jouef030-TU-18 Jouef


Photo Perrelle / La Vie du Rail.

9 156 105.2 105.0
7 976 91.7 91.5
2 590 29.8 29.9
Cab height 3 692 42.4 42.7
Axle distance 1 524 17.5 17.3
1 360 15.6 15.6