CC 40101 Lima

Lima 1022/CL


CC 40101

327 g

Max. current

0.8 A

At the beginning of the 1970s, I planned a very ambitious upgrade, which included cutting the body and the chassis into multiple pieces to correct the numerous dimension errors. In fact, it was limited to the replacement of bogies with Jouef’s, far from perfect but still less “worse”. But I had put normal central axles to replace the original filed wheels, which was a very curious way at Jouef to solve the problem of keeping track! As for the Lima body, it was better shaped than the Jouef (fineness of grids and corrugations), except the end faces moulded in a coarse red plastic.

Observation at the box re-opening in 2008:

Worked only in one direction. Problem of current pickup, replaced with brass strips (May 2008). The original central current pickup is removed because the pickup can be done by the metal flanks. Insulated wheel badly blocked, chassis broken at the right of a door, non-driving side.

Rubber tyres changed.

For the original model, see the Eigene Webs/lima-modellbahn website.

CC 40101 LimaCC 40101 Lima