BB 17009 Lima

Lima 8035 CL


BB 17009

120 g (without ballast)

Max. current

0.7 A

At the beginning of the 1970s, I undertook a very ambitious upgrade, cutting the body into multiple slices to correct the length, laying new buffer bodies, steps, air tanks, tinplate roof grids, roof line and pantographs, flush Plexiglas windows, all handmade.

I had even studied a system for lifting the pantos, which were functional, using a cam driven by a motor. The problem was switching between the traction motor and the lifting motor.

All this, which was well advanced, was disassembled for sanding and painting… never done.

Observation at the box re-opening in 2008:

Mechanical: works, but lame.

The super detailing parts are preserved.

Rubber tyres (on wheels of Jouef origin) changed.

The original box is complete.

For the original model, see the Eigene Webs/lima-modellbahn website.

Loco-Revue sheet No. 161/61967 - 67 b 14 (former series).

BB 17009 LimaBB 17009 Lima