1607 NMBS Vitrains

NMBS 1603

Photo Reinhard Reiss on railfaneurope.net.

Vitrains 2167


NMBS 1607

Mass / Slipping current @ 12 V

455 g / 0.5 A

Apart from the roof electrical line and the pantos (rather coarse), all the detailing parts are to be assembled. There is no elongation, and the couplings are fixed on the bogies. The right wheel of the extreme axle in each direction is equipped with rubber tyres.

The front plates (number, “B” logo) are simply painted and not in relief. Similarly, the wipers are simply evoked by moulding with the windows. Handrails and vertical handles are photoetched, so of rectangular, not round, section.

Squeaks and mechanical braking due to the current pickup made of steel string, too hard and already a bit rusty. Corrected by lubrication.



  • Lenz Silver decoder.
  • Separation of red lights, lighting of frontal lights.
  • Detailing parts mounted. Pantos fixing bosses levelled.
  • LS Models pantographs mounted, equipped with stops to limit their extension.

Quadricurrent locomotives (25 kV 50 Hz, 15 kV 16 ⅔ Hz, 1500 V and 3000 V DC), built in eight units, ordered in 1966 by NMBS to tow international trains on the Brussels - Cologne line.

Construction by Ateliers de Construction Electrique de Charleroi (ACEC) for the electrical part and La Brugeoise et Nivelles for the mechanical part. Continuous power: 2780 kW; weight in service: 82.6 t; maximum speed: 160 km/h. For reasons of management and maintenance ease, many parts (including motors) are the same as for the 15 series appeared previously.

First numbered in Type 160, in blue livery, these machines became Series 16 in 1971, with the same blue livery until about 1978.

Although mainly working on the Brussels - Cologne line, these machines could also be seen in Paris-Nord instead of the SNCF 40100, or NMBS 15 or 18 series.

The 1607 was put out of service and scrapped in 1994 following an accident in Ostend (source: wallorail.be).

The photo of Reinhard Reiss, taken in Cologne, shows that the succession of pantographs, from back to front, is as follows: 15 kV 16 ⅔ Hz (raised), 3 kV DC (grouped with the first), and 25 kV 50 Hz.


1607 NMBS Vitrains1607 NMBS Vitrains

NMBS 1603

Photo Reinhard Reiss on railfaneurope.net.

16 550 190.2 192.0
15 500 178.2
2 940 33.8 33.7
3 550 40.8 41.2
7 900 90.8 90.2
3 150 36.2 35.8
1 250 14.4 14.5