CC 65526 Electrotren

CC 65526

Photo Patrick Meunier on railfaneurope.net.

Electrotren 2818


CC 65526

Mass / Slipping current @ 12 V

427 g / 0.65 A

There is a stain of glue on the roof opposite the fan.

The assembly is neat. The windows are flush. Vertical and horizontal handles are inserts, as well as the side grille door handles, but not those of the cab doors…

The pitch of photoetched grids is a bit wide. For the fan, it is 0.82 instead of 0.33 mm.

The buffers are rounded edges, while they should be cut-off as in the picture of the actual loco (and they do exist under this shape on the 060 DA model).

Finally, to quibble, the visibility bands yellow colour is too lemony, while the number 26, stamped in the same colour, should be of a lighter yellow.



  • Lenz Silver+ decoder.
  • The red lights are separated from the white ones. They are controlled by the decoder outputs D and E.
  • Driver deprived of his cap and repainted, fan dirtied with black pastel. Rear air tank mounted on NEM box.
  • Buffers replaced with REE XB30904 with cut corners. A small adjustment is necessary because the tenons are 1.8 × 1.8 mm for mortises of 2 × 1.5 mm.

Series of 35 machines ordered in 1952; the first is put into service on 10 July 1955 at the depot of La Plaine. First numbered 060 DA then, in 1962, 64001 to 64035, they are renumbered in 1966 following the extension of the series 63500 which encroached on the numbers 64000.

Main characteristics: power 1 290 kW. Sulzer 12LDA28 Diesel motor of 1 500 kW at 710 rpm. Maximum speed 75 km/h. Weight 116 t. Constructors: CAFL, SACM, Alsthom (source: Wikipedia and others).

They are first assigned to the Grande Ceinture of Paris and then to the Infra (rail infrastructure) activity in Vénissieux in 1990 and Avignon in 1997 (construction of the Sud-Est High Speed Line); some are resold to private railway works companies. Today (2013) they are all struck off at the SNCF.

The 65526 ​​was put into service in July 1958 at the depot of La Plaine (Paris-St Denis, Nord Region). It was withdrawn in October 1982.


CC 65526 ElectrotrenCC 65526 Electrotren

CC 65526

Photo Patrick Meunier on railfaneurope.net.

19 420 223.2 222.5
?  ? 209.0
2 780 32.0 32.0
4 250 48.9 48.4
9 474 108.9 109.2
4 674 53.7 53.4
1 200 13.8 14.0