BB 66433 Jouef

BB 66409

Photo Jean-Paul Lescat 1974 on railfaneurope.net.

Jouef HJ2374


BB 66433

Weight / current at slipping

294 g / 0.4 A

The model supplied is not the 66428 but the 66433… For me, who would have preferred a machine of Lens, that doesn’t change anything…

The general configuration is identical to that of the models released previously. The most important difference is the Next 18 interface which allows using a miniaturized decoder. I had some concerns about the current permissible by such a decoder. At Lenz, they announce 600 mA. My first tests show a 440 mA maximum consumed current (when slipping before running-in, which seems compatible.

Another improvement: the white and red lights are separate and functional right out of the box. For the model considered (early career), the headlights should not be equipped with screen clips.

Too bad that the short bonnet, which is an inserted part, therefore theoretically removable, which would allow the decoder to be installed without removing anything else, is unfortunately blocked — glued? — in place. I didn’t take the risk of straining the tenons.

The dimensional respect is excellent, except for the width, but it’s not clear where this dimension was taken on the actual machine.

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  • Lenz Silver+ Next 18 decoder.

Locomotives built in 106 units from 1968 to 1971 by Alsthom. Power 830 kW (diesel 1030 kW). Speed limit: 120 km/h. Weight 70 t. The main difference with the 66000 is the three-phase alternator plus rectifier transmission in place of a DC generator, which allows heating of the train.

Another peculiarity makes it possible to distinguish the 66400 from the 66000 on the outside: the absence of a brake linkage thanks to the mounting of Westinghouse P60 brake units on the bogies.

The BB 66433 was put into service in March 1969 in Vénissieux. Successive depots: Lens (9-82); Chalindrey (9-90); converted into 69433 in Chalindrey (04-05).

In the 1970s, a 66400 provided traction for trains from Paris between Lille and Tourcoing.

66400 in the North in the 1970s: 66401 to 66410; 66483 to 66496.


BB 66433 Jouef, back viewBB 66433 Jouef

BB 66433 Jouef, front viewBB 66433 Jouef

BB 66409

Photo Jean-Paul Lescat 1974 on railfaneurope.net.

14 972 172.1 172.3
13 712 157.6 157.8
2 980 34.3 35.7
4 260 49.0 49.0
8 450 97.1 97.5
2 600 29.9 29.9
1 100 12.6 12.4