A1A A1A 68001 Fleischmann

Fleischmann 1386


A1A A1A 68001

532 g

Max. current

? A

Working. The lighting works in both directions (I had to replace the broken out rectifier with two 1N4007 diodes).

The painting is a little faded, but complete except on the buffers.

The headstocks are curiously sliding, while the movement of the coupling seems sufficient.

Another curiosity: the centre axle, which is supposed to be trailing, yet and in conformity of smaller diameter than the driving axles, is also driving. I don’t know how they worked things out so the peripheral speed is the same…

The box is in very good condition, I just added the missing transparent film.

A1A A1A 68001 FleischmannA1A A1A 68001 Fleischmann