NMBS 6321 Van Biervliet

NMBS 6321

Anonymous photo on Van Biervliet website.

Van Biervliet VB-9112.01


NMBS 6321

Mass / slipping current @ 12 V

447 g / 0.7 A

No instruction sheet, on the pretext of the low price. The attached sheet advises to visit the website, but the document found there is not more explicit: the few sentences found there (in Dutch only) could have fit on said sheet.

Although part of the “budget” series, this machine is quite finely engraved. Only the accessories inserted: steps, wipers, are a little coarse. The angle ladders, although fine, should be even more, but it seems difficult in plastic, and even in metal! The dimensions are well respected.

The left wheel of each front axle is equipped with a rubber tyre. The wheels have 0.9 mm flanges. The drawbars have too much clearance.

The body separates easily from the chassis, spreading a little both sides. The operation is facilitated by sliding a plastic card on each side. We discover a simple circuit board, with connection wires arranged in guides.

The very basic cabin fittings, fixed to the windows with a tenon on each side, are easily removed, to install a driver and put a few touches of colour.

The engine is equipped with two flywheels. The red lights are not separated from the white, although the connection wires are distinct: yellow wires for the white LEDs, white wires for the red LEDs. The common wire is blue, as it should be.

See gamos81.altervista.org for the reference list of issued Series 62/63 models.


  • Installation of a driver in the cab and decor of the rear wall of the cabs.
  • Installation of an ESU Lokpilot V4.0 decoder. Separation of the red and white lights by direct soldering of wires on the decoder connector pins. The red lights are connected to the AUX1 and AUX2 outputs.
  • Fabrication of a circuit to replace the existing under the roof, allowing to separately control the lighting of the two cabins, with the so-called logical outputs AUX3 and AUX4 of the Lokpilot decoder.

Series of 136 Diesel locomotives with electric transmission built by La Brugeoise et Nivelles from 1961 to 1966. Initially numbered in type 212, in 1971 they became series 6201 to 6333 (some machines were withdrawn before renumbering).

Diesel engine and main generator made by General Motors (USA). Traction motors made by ACEC (Ateliers de constructions électriques de Charleroi).

Axle arrangement: Bo’Bo’. Diesel power (12 cylinders in V): 1050 kW at 835 rpm. UIC electrical power 835 kW; maximum effort at start-up 212 kN. Mass in running order 80 t. Maximum speed 120 km/h.

These machines were originally equipped with a boiler for heating passenger trains, as the 68000 SNCF.

The 6321, ex 212.221, was delivered on 16 September 1966, and withdrawn on 1st June 1999. It was then resold to the Dutch company ACTS.


NMBS 6321 Van BiervlietNMBS 6321 Van Biervliet

NMBS 6321

Anonymous photo on Van Biervliet website.

16 790 193.0 192.3
15 640 179.8 180.0
2 900 33.3 33.5
4 250 48.9 48.6
9 300 106.9 106.6
2 800 32.2 31.8
1 010 11.6 11.6