TEE PBA generator car Jouef

Jouef 865 E


A2Ds TEE PBA “Ile de France” generator car.

85 g.

New in 1965.

Coach recently offered by a friend. Sliding doors. Plastic wheels on one side, metal on the other to power the lighting of the lamps. Y24 bogies made of black plastic (the only ones I knew before, those of UIC, were grey). As was often the case with Jouef, there was a huge difference between the very beautiful drawing of the catalogue and the disappointing, to say the least, reality.

Very good condition, buffers intact, paint a little faded.

The lights work, but flicker because of bad contacts. I had to repair the lamp holder (with Patafix glue).

The original box is complete, but faded.

See Philippe Galaup’s website Les trains Jouef.

TEE PBA generator car JouefTEE PBA generator car Jouef