Brake van EPM

Photo Pierre B.

EPM 51.00.11


Standard D type brake van Uk 6.14.

UIC Number Revision Date
30 87 940 2 924-6 -.3.70

57 g (NEM: 38 to 50 g).

Beforehand, I give myself the right to be strict, given the price (about €47) of this object.

Pretty appearance, good respect of the scale. The famous roof in “chapeau de gendarme” is consistent, even perhaps a little too accentuated.

Unlike the LS Models products, who manufac­tured this wagon (it is written below), there are no brass bearings. The back-to-back wheel distance is 14.2 and 14.3 mm, the standard being 14.5 ± 0.1 mm. The flanges are 0.85 mm. The wheel di­ameter doesn’t comply, see table of dimen­sions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to easily put 12 mm wheels that rub on the chassis and on the brake blocks.

The doors supposed to be sliding are fixed, but they can be represented closed (open, they let see an unaesthetic ballast). As they are only fixed by two non-glued pins, they can be removed and replaced in the closed position. However, the latch will remain hanging…

The windows, whose height position is different from one side to the other, are consistent from this point of view. But unfortunately, the small window panes have a double relief, which gives a bad magnifying glass effect.

The metal buffer hands are present. Regarding the steps, we have already seen better.

Fleischmann Profi couplings don’t fit into the NEM boxes. Typical LS Models disease! But here, even more curious, even the loop couplings provided don’t fit! A relief at the bottom of the box must be removed with a file and an X-Acto knife. This defect is not admissible in my opinion.

Spare parts in bags: loop couplings, dummy screw couplings, half brake hoses.

No instruction sheet is provided.

See Loco-Revue Forum.

Brake vans built from 1946 to 1955 in 1600 units by Compagnie française industrielle de matériel de chemin de fer, CIMT and Soulé.

These are the last brake vans manufactured for SNCF, because, soon after their release, safety regulations changed, making them much less useful. Many of them will therefore be found at the service park.

SNCF number: M 921 700 to 923 299; UIC number: 30 87 940 1 600 to 3 199. Working code 6.14.


  • Loco-Revue No. 708 of May 2007 on the first release of this van, rather disappointing.
  • Loco-Revue No. 540 of September 1991, page 588: diagrams, building in plastic card.
  • Correspondances ferroviaires No. 30, p. 54 to 60 and No. 31, p. 50 to 53.

Brake van EPMBrake van EPM

Brake van EPMBrake van EPM

Brake van type Uk

Photo Pierre B. on Forum Loco Revue.

8 180 94.0 95.2
7 000 80.5 80.6
2 608 30.0 30.2
3 778 43.4 43.2
4 500 51.7 51.5
1 050 12.1 11.5