D ex-DR Roco

Ex-DR luggage van

Photo G. Coudert.

Roco 64350


D ex-DR Pw4i 1933

UIC number Revision date
50 87 92-47 262-5 1 13.11.70

121 g (NEM : 91 to 118 g)

Delivered with end handles, folded additional bellows, dummy tail lamps, lamp holders.

Pre-equipped for lighting (insulated half-axles, conductive bearings and wires on one side only).

The bellows holders, as well as the ramps and handrails, made of plastic, are rather coarse. To replace with metallic parts.

In fact, Roco exactly took over the body of the German car without changing anything. Indeed, on the French version, there are neither end windows, nor bellows, nor dog niche doors at one end. In addition, the buffer plates are rectangular, not round. Some work in perspective…

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  • Assembly of folded bellows and handrails. Wheels, buffers and steps painted.

Van built for the Deutsche Reichbahn in 1933, ceded to France as war damage. The Roco model, type DR PW 4i31, has pre-UIC number Dpmy 18994. It is mounted on Görlitz type III bogies. Reformed in 1979.

According to Ferrovissime No. 57 of February 2013, p. 68, this van was part of the Cambrai-Lille train No. 1210 composition in the 1970s, with Nord Rapide cars. Note: there seems to be a mistake in this document, because the brace under the train indicates Tourcoing - Dijon!


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 586 / 41977 - 76 c 51 (former series). Sheet preview.LR sheet
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  • EC64 website.

D ex-DR RocoD ex-DR Roco

Ex-DR luggage van

Photo G. Coudert.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 19 680 226.2 226.5
Chassis length 18 380 211.3
Body width 2 784 32.0 32.6
Height 3 735 42.9 43.0
Pivot distance 12 360 142.1 142.8
Bogie wheelbase 3 000 34.5 34.5
Wheel diameter 1 000 11.5 11.0