Dd2-Est Hornby

Fourgon Dd2 Est

Photo SNCF.

Hornby 7310


Dd2 Est metallized luggage van

UIC number Revision date
50 87 92-47 141-1 1

113 g (NEM: 76 to 99 g)

Vehicle too short about 5 mm. In this regard, I don’t understand this obsession of shorten­ing, which could be justified on a long vehicle (to avoid excessive overhangs on curves too tight), but five unfortunate millimetres on a short vehicle? Maybe it was in that time design­ers’ collective unconsciousness, impregnated by ultra-shortened Hornby toys, at the O gauge (let’s not speak of scale!), of the 1930s to 1950s?

Hornby made the effort of switching to UIC numbering when it appeared, but they forgot to modify the painting that should have been completely green, including the roof and the ends.

In the 1970s, I had equipped this van with WL bogies with a tin frame and moulded flanks after those of Romilly Jouef. I have since reassembled the original bogies because the flanks of the WL were taking off (photo).

Decidedly, luggage vans are missing in the current industrial production (2016). Neither this one, nor the 2-axle Nord Dd2, nor the bogie Nord Dd4, nor the Sud-Est B4Dd, exist, while all these models (the Nord Dd4 to a lesser extent) were omnipresent in the Nord and in the Est in the sixties to eighties.

As a result, and for lack of anything better, I still use this van in my Nord-Est compositions.

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  • Central handrails levelled; red light caps removed (state of the photo).
  • Makette elongation drawbars. Original bogies reassembled. Buffer heads replaced with home-made nickel silver and brass models. LS Models bellows mounted (one unfolded, one folded).

These luggage vans result from the metallization of former Dy vans from the Est, Sud-Ouest and Sud-Est, carried out from 1951 to 1957 at the Romilly SNCF workshops and at the Société Lor­raine des Anciens Établissements De Dietrich in Lunéville.

Among these vans, 52 have a lateral corridor (Dd2s), 120 have gangway with bellows but without corridor (Dd2), and 9 have a postal compartment (DPd).

According to its number and EC64, the Hornby van would be of Sud-Est origin. This is a Dd2, i.e. without gangway.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 7 b 14 (former series). Photo above.

Dd2-Est HornbyDd2-Est Hornby

Dd2 Est luggage van

Photo SNCF.

Dimension Actual 1:87 Model
Overall length 17 470 200.8 196 1,0
Chassis length 16 140 185.5 180.7
Body width 2 505 28.8 31.5
Height 3 890 44.7 45.2
Pivot distance 10 700 123.0 115.5
Bogie wheelbase (WL or Y2) 2 500 28.7 28.2
Wheel diameter WL bogies 1050 12.1
Wheel diameter Y2 bogies 920 10.6 10.4 2
  1. With new buffers. The Hornby catalogue gave 200 mm, but including the coupling loops! It was actually 191.5 mm.
  2. Wheels Train Magique.