Dd4s France-Trains

Dd4s van

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France-trains 282


Dd4s DEV green

UIC number Revision date
51 87 95-80 525-9 2

97 g (NEM : 91 to 119 g)

See advertisement in Loco Revue No. 348 of March 1974, page 115.

Roof shape not very successful! Incorrect door position (probably so that the steps do not interfere with the bogies). The junction body-roof is wrong, the colour hesitates between olive green and khaki. It is probably the worst production of France-Trains.

At the time, I was very disappointed: I still thought that price implied quality! Naive!

The roof is a part of the windows.

This is the series of 40 DEV 63 vans put into service in 1965.

See article in La Vie du Rail No. 1093 of April 1967, p. 12 and 13, which deals with the construction of the first series of these vans at the CIMT Lorraine plant in Lunéville.

Dd4s France-TrainsDd4s France-Trains

Dd4s van

Document CPMR.