DU 65 track inspection car Jouef

DU 65 track inspection car

Photo SNCF.

Jouef 762


DU 65 track inspection car 5 M 471

131 g (lorry : 8 g)

Max. current

0.6 A

New in 1968. The registration number is that of the official photo below.

The body length is wrong, as well as the wheel diameter and the window height, which should come flush with the roof. The body had been lengthened to accommodate the M20 motor. But why did not they use the short race car motor?

I owned two copies. The former had its body completely distorted in an attempt to fill the motor bonnet with polystyrene dissolved in trichloroethylene (!) to reinforce the fixing barrel.


  • Trailer wheel flange height reduced to 0.8 mm.
  • Tulip couplings between trailers, made with tulip contacts. Watch the picture.Tulip coupling

Manufactured by CIMT Lorraine, the DU 65 (Draisine Unifiée 1965) track inspection cars were delivered in three sub-series from 1966 to 1973, with the aim of replacing all the older, very disparate units.

They are equipped with a Unic diesel engine with Voith hydromechanical transmission, wheels and railcar buffers for standardization. In addition to the standard screw coupling, they have a special tulip coupling for hauling trolleys (the official SNCF term is simply trailer).

The “M” in the registration means able to circulate in mountain area.


  • Loco-Revue sheet No. 237/121968-68 d 20 (former series).
  • Loco-Revue Special Issue Chemins de fer réels No. 7, 4th quarter 2000: les draisines de 1951 à 1975, p. 18.
  • Photo of the reception of a DU 65 by my father in Lille St Sauveur around 1968.
DU65 with red roof in Lille St Sauveur

DU 65 track inspection car JouefDU 65 track inspection car Jouef

DU 65 track inspection car

Photo SNCF.

8 330 95.7 96.0
7 000 80.5 84.4
Cab length 4 055 46.6 52.0
2 600 29.9 30.1
2 960 34.0 34.8
3 600 41.4 41.7
860 9.9 11.5