X 4500 LS Models

X 4300 railcar

X 4317 railcar - Photo Bernard Vieu on forum.e-train.fr.

LS Models 10035


XBD 4512 + XRAB 8512 “EAD” from the depot of Longueau.

Mass (railcar + trailer)

275 g + 160 g

Slipp-on current @ 12 V

350 mA forward, 400 mA reverse.

The first driving axle is equipped with tyres. The railcar starts at about 4.0 V (in analogue mode).

The livery of this railcar dates from 1973.

The headlight frame (lateral and frontal) is much too visible, and the frontal, which is as before placed too low, has a defect (shock). The roof overhangs slightly from the cabin; this can be seen in vertical illumination (shade).

Improvements to the previous version include:

  • the box of a more practical format, the two elements being presented superimposed and no longer in line;
  • the electric plug between the tractor and the trailer, is now moulded with the coupling. But it is not easier to put in place…
  • the lighting of the compartments is originally mounted, but very questionable (see below);
  • inserted parts: buffers, couplings, bogie sides are made of non-translucent material;
  • the luggage handles are metallic and no more of plastic;
  • the brake rods are originally assembled on the bogies.

There is still an important ballast on the rear platform.

The lighting system with simulating flashing when fluorescent lamps are switched on is to my eyes only fun for young children. The light intensity is much too strong, and not adjustable! To have something suitable, I had to replace this function with that of lighting on battery, which is adjustable. The LEDs are very small, too visible and emit a very punctual pinkish light. I would rather have done this lighting myself, with a possible savings of €20 to €30!

The impossibility of adjusting the light intensity comes from the use of the SUSI interface: the light functions are programmed not into the decoder itself but on the railcar PCB. The usual options for setting or assigning keys are at the discretion of the manufacturer, not of the user. Once again, LSM locks its productions! See The ESU / LSM case.

There are LEDs under the main PCB, in the luggage part, that illuminate the engine block, in other words… nothing! It reminds me of a certain Roco railcar trailer…

See the Loco-Revue Forum.


  • Installation of an ESU decoder.
  • Underframe painted in colour dirt. Grille base painted black. Seat decoration: chrome bars in 2nd class and white headboards in 1st class.
  • Light strips raised by 5 mm (suggestion by Renato on the Loco-Revue Forum) ; installation of yellow filters on the LEDs.
  • Ballast (2 × 13 g) removed from ​​trailer platforms: mass reduced to 133 g (NEM: 98 to 127 g).
  • Chassis painted in colour dirt. Air grille background painted black. Seat decoration: chrome bars in 2nd class and white headrests in 1st class.

Diesel Automotive Elements (Éléments Automoteurs Diesel, EAD in French) constructed in 126 units from 1963 to 1975 by the Ateliers du Nord de la France (ANF). Power 330 kW. Maximum speed 120 km/h. Weight 36.2 t + 23.5 t for the trailer.

These machines have the particularity of being formed of a motor and a trailer inseparable in normal service, and provided with an intercirculation with UIC type bellows.

The X 4512 was commissioned in January 1964, withdrawn in January or March 2006 (according to sources). Successive depots: Vaise; Nevers (5-1971); Longueau (10-1971); Marseille (6-1980); Longueau (10-1980).

Machines at Longueau throughout the period IVa (1971-1978): 4506 to 8, 4510, 4514, 4517, 4518, 4546, 4547, 4551, 4564 to 66, 4570 to 77, 4582 to 86, 4597 to 4600.


X 4500 LS ModelsX 4500 LS Models

X 4500 LS ModelsX 4500 LS Models

X 4300 railcar

X 4317 railcar - Photo Bernard Vieu on forum.e-train.fr.

Dimensions 1:87
42 480 488.3 488.0
1 20 300 233.3 233.5
2 888 33.2 33.1
3 740 43.0 43.1 3
(motor) 15 200 174.7 174.3
(trailer) 15 400 177.0 176.4
2 5 350 61.5 63 to 65
2 500 28.7 29.0
860 9.9 9.6
  1. Valid for motor and trailer.
  2. Between the rear motor bogie and the front trailer bogie.
  3. Motor, front : 43.1 ; rear : 43.0.