The continuation in images


The XPS shapes are held standing by a little Patafix. The sides are protected by adhesive tape; this will avoid a tedious scratching session. The mixture 50% vinyl wood glue and 50% water, plus some liquid soap, is spread plentifully on the surface. A first layer of flocking is sprinkled. After a few moments, the glue begins to be absorbed (the colour becomes dark grey). I then apply a second layer of flocking. Let it dry…

Flocking of the loading

This is followed by a cleaning of the sides, a light brushing to eliminate the grains not glued. At this stage, if there are areas with poor coverage, it is always possible to put back some glue and flocking. Finally, fast check before final assembly. For example, here I had to slightly cut the top (see especially green circle) so that it passes inside the body.

Filling the wagon

Final result

Here is the final result. Seen very closely, it is not perfect, but it remains removable in case of resale for example — which is not my intention.