Lighting, episode 2

As already mentioned, the new PCB has one LED per window. Here is the layout.

Layout of the new PCB

The lines represent the series mounting of two or three LEDs depending on the case. Due to the large number of LEDs, I have provided two 100 µF or even 220 µF capacitors in the technical rooms, opposite the toilets.

Mounting of the strip, side view.

Side view with strip in place

The 220 µF (ø 8.2) capacitors fit well with a bit of force, as long as the clips visible at the yellow arrow are half-trimmed. I will realize later that the wires get jammed between the strip and the roof. Remedy: a ø 1.6 hole for their passage.

View of the strip on the capacitor side

View of the two B10tu in C1 livery equipped.

View of the two B10tu in C1 livery illuminated

Here are two pictures of the B5rtu bar coach in Corail livery:

Low-angle view of the B5rtu illuminated

Side view of the illuminated B5rtu

That is not bad, but it’s not the result I hoped for at the beginning, and I’m not sure if it was worth the complication compared to a classic strip.

Finally, a little technical information: despite the high number of LEDs, the total consumption is less than 5 mA.