Final assembly

I can now reassemble the body on the chassis.

Wires coming out of the water tank hatch

The wires are soldered in the right places, then slid under the roof.

Wires soldered and stored under the roof

You can see the tank cover being put back on.

Some night views

Note: I have left the lamps on, although the coach is not configured to be at the back of the train with its bellows unfolded.

View from the van side, with incorporated tail lights.

Night view, van side

View from the compartment side, with removable lamps.

Night view, compartment side, with tail lights

Other night view, compartment side, with lamps

Side view.

Other night view, side view

… And just at this moment, I noticed that the wires were still visible through the small window on the right. The partition will have to be put back at this place.