Profile view of VB2N driving coach

Vitrains VB2N driving coach with electric coupling.


Globally effective, these coaches have however a number of flaws. Let’s mention first the wiring of the driving coach, very visible on the platforms, with fairly large wires soldered on strips passing through large holes that I call “beans”! I don’t even talk about the current pickup strips quite stiff, rubbing on curious drums integrated with the wheels, and inducing significant frictions.

Regarding the lighting of the lamps, this is not brilliant (I found that the LEDs are not facing the light guides, which seems to be a speciality of Vitrains, see Improvement of the 1607 NMBS Vitrains), and the white light optics do not fill their housing (why, that’s a mystery). There is no lighting of the compartments, but I prefer that rather than pay an extra €20 to €30 for a device which, in any case, will not satisfy me.

There are a number of badly glued windows that tend to sink into the body. The access platforms are not equipped at all, and the seats require serious deburring. Finally, these coaches do not roll well, because of axles that have no backlash in their (plastic) bearings. Moreover, they are too low by about 1 mm.

I therefore propose to remedy these defects, namely: