New parts

New ballast

The original ballast cannot be retained because it has holes for the passage of the fixing bosses of the old couplings, which prevents it from being fixed to the body. With 1.5 mm steel sheet, the plate below is sufficient to obtain the maximum mass recommended by NEM 302 (63 g for the wagon). Attachment of the ballast to the chassis will be done by double-sided adhesive.


Fig. 6

Ladder ramps

Four pieces. Steel or bronze wire ø 0.25 or 0.3 mm. Above, bending template.


Fig. 7

Wedges for drawbars

Their purpose is to position the drawbar base at the correct height. They must have a thickness between 1.8 and 2 mm. Use aluminium or polystyrene parts cut and drilled according to figure 8. Washers of suitable thickness may also be used, but the bearing surface will be smaller.

Note the arc machining (made with a file) to allow the head of the body fixing screw to pass on the chassis.


Fig. 8


They are made of 1 mm brass angles (1) and Scale Scenics etched “expanded metal” brass (2).


Fig. 9