Interior fittings

The original fittings are a single moulded piece painted orange, without the platform nor the baggage compartment partitions in the ZRABD. However, the ZRABD fittings are different from the others: they takes into account the fact that they have 2nd class, 1st class and baggage compartments, and also a toilet for each class.

As for the colours, I have kept the orange for 2nd class, but the 1st class seats will be painted red, and the partitions pale yellow with darker yellow door frames. It should be noted that the poor transparency of the windows does not encourage anything very sophisticated.

1st class fittings of a real RIB

Photo Guillemin on railfaneurope.

The armrests of the 1st class seats will be missing…

I therefore plan:

As with the recently decorated Sud-Est modernized coaches, I use self-adhesive vinyl. The PDF file is available here.

Floor covering

The printed vinyl is protected by a layer of satin varnish, which gives an interesting “lino” look, not very visible on the photos.

Printed vinyl

The drilling for the handrails (see below) is made through this floor covering, otherwise it can be damaged when mounting these handrails.

Close-up of the floor covering


For the transparent partitions, I cut the parts out of a CD case cover, although this material is very fragile and scratches easily. The thickness is about 1.2 mm. This is very thick compared to the real thing, but it will make it easier for me to place the handrails.

Dimensions of the platform partitions

The handrails will go through the floor suitably drilled (16 × 8.4 centres), then the partition will slide over them, and finally the strip, also drilled, will cover the whole, effectively maintaining the position of the assembly.

Assembly, step by step

The handrails are made of 0.4 mm piano wire, bent into a U-shape at the exact 8.4 mm centre distance. The holes in the fittings can be seen, also ø 0.4, so that the vertical position of the handrails is ensured as much as possible.

Various parts of the partitions

Note: In reality, the floor covering is glued before drilling, as seen above.

The handrails are inserted under the fittings and then glued with CA glue.

Mounting the handrails under the fittings

The partitions are slid onto the handrails.

Mounting the partitions onto the handrails

The self-adhesive vinyl lower parts are then put in place. They enclose the handrails.

Detail of the vinyl walls

Here is the result with the strip mounted.

Overall view

Special case: the ZRABD coach

The 1st class seats are airbrushed with Humbrol Enamel gloss red No. 19 (because I only have that). Dilution about 50-50. Nozzle ø 0,7, pressure 1 bar.

24 hours later, I apply a coat of nitro-synthetic satin varnish. Although I checked the compatibility with the Humbrol enamel in the Loco-Revue Special on painting 1994, p. 10, table 2, I noticed the beginning of “frizzing”, fortunately only on the floor, not on the seats.

Here are the interior fittings after the installation of the various partitions. Note that I extended the floor with a black plate, on the false cab side. Indeed, a row of seats is missing at this place. This will allow me to add more seats later.

Overall view of the ZRABD interior fittings

A finished coach.

Finished coach, lit upFinished coach, lit up

Click to enlarge the photo.

In fact, we can’t see much of the fittings…