There is not much to add to the decoration of these coaches. However, for the 1st class compartments, I wanted to add headrests, mirrors and pictures. I believe that there were also pictures in 2nd class, but they are a little tedious to stick! So, for the moment only the 1st class privileged people will enjoy this!

This work will obviously be much easier on the disassembled interior fittings.


No question for me to do this in painting, too tedious. The headrests are therefore made of small pieces of self-adhesive labels. Small defect: the sides of the headrests, which should be treated, are not.


I have got for a long time a set of self-adhesive metallic paper rolls of different colours (very good for Christmas decorations), including a silver version, into which I cut out small rectangles of 6 × 2.5 mm.


I went on the Internet and found real black and white photographs of simple subjects (landscapes, statues, architecture). There are about ten different subjects. Obviously, the huge reduction makes them virtually no longer recognizable, but that’s just for the beauty of it. Size (images imported under MS Word, here magnified about five times): 3.4 × 2.1 mm.

Photos for decoration

The photos are printed on self-adhesive labels. The paper being of ordinary quality, after having pre-cut the images, I passed a blow of Humbrol gloss acrylic varnish.

If I had to do it again, I would print the entire partition, at least the part above the seats, with the pictures and a frame to position the mirror. I could thus stick this mirror comfortably before placing the whole into the fittings.


Fittings and bogies on chassis

After putting the drawbars back in place, I position the fittings on the chassis, I pass the wires through the pivot holes, and I snap the whole.

I pass the wires through the bogie pivots, and while holding the wires taut enough, so that they do not get caught anywhere, I snap the bogies.

I solder the wires to the bogie PCB (be careful of the polarity!) and then I gently pull the excess from the top of the fittings — they should slide without too much difficulty. I leave a little slack.

Body on chassis

I put the body near the chassis, I pass the wires through the oblong holes drilled in the racks. I place the body onto the chassis, but I do not snap it.

I solder the wires on the lighting strip. I stick the strip to spacers with thick double-sided adhesive.

Reassembling the body

Note the spacer for the strip provided with its adhesive with its protective paper. The steps are painted light wood colour.

Functional test

With an ohmmeter, I check the electrical continuity between the two bogies, for the same rail line, and the insulation between the two lines of rails.

I power a track coupon, I put the coach on it and I check the lighting of the strip. If a bistable reed is used, it may need to be switched on by means of the control magnet.

End of reassembling

I completely snap the body onto the chassis. Watch out for cables that can get caught in between. I put the buffers back in place if necessary. I glue the accessories that would have escaped during the operations.

I snap the roof. It’s over! Who said “at last”?

Lightened “Nord Rapide” coach

Metallic adhesive paper ref. AD 185
Size 1 x 0.33 m, pack of 5 colours:
Gold, silver, red, blue and green
€10.91 - price 2015 at Ogéo