Rapide Nord profile view

LS Models “Nord Rapide” A3B3D coach.

The little details that go well… or not

The plus…

These coaches reach a level of detail quite rare. The curve of the body is well reproduced. Under it, the profusion of pipes (heating, brake), cabinets, etc. is impressive. Blinds are visible behind the rounded top of the windows. The handles are very fine and of a correct shape. The interior walls are decorated, in different colours according to the class. There is a false ceiling with ceiling lights which will be of the most beautiful effect with a lighting plate, if it exists and if it is not too expensive…

… and the minus

First thing to do: attach couplings, Fleisschmann Profi for me. Ah? On one side, it comes in, on the other, not. Second coach: same problem, and on the same side. I’m wondering. Third coach: the same happens! And when I receive the second box a fortnight after, still the same! Fearing at this moment to disassemble, I am reduced to enlarge the pseudo-NEM box with a file, then, tired of fighting, to thin the couplings’ tail. Couplings somewhat hanging…

As there is practically no detail to add (positive point), let’s go to the photo shoot. What? When I couple the three coaches, the buffers are not at the same height. I take a step back: in fact, the space between body and bogie is not the same on both sides. I turn a coach: now the buffers are correctly facing together.

There follows a measurement session: there is approximately, depending on the coaches, a difference of 0.5 mm in height between the two sides of the coaches, from 46 on average to 45.5. Quibble? In any case, with my rather low eyesight, it is obvious to me.

Other small irritant defects

Let’s start the litany.

Perhaps I forget some, but let us stop Aunt Sally. Ah yes, nevertheless: the notice sheet does not give any explanation for disassembling, though a lighting system is planned. Fortunately, disassembling is pretty easy.