Why talk about tools?

One says that The bad workman blames his tools. Without a doubt. But at first I actually was a bad workman (but I had an excuse: it was not my actual job…) with bad tools (which did not prevent me in my youth from doing not so bad things, including AM18 pantos close to LSM’s, all modesty apart), then a bad worker with good tools. I’m trying my best to become good, but the road, even paved with good intentions, is rough!

A good tool is nothing without a minimum of know-how. I say good tool, not an excellent one, because I have neither the space nor the means to buy high-end. But the first lesson is that it is absolutely necessary to avoid the low end: you will be disappointed anyway and you will do bad work. As a consequence, anyway you’ll have to buy other better tools.

My aim, in writing these pages, is at the same time to explain my trial and error, for, I repeat, I am not a workman, and to indicate the qualities and defects of some tools I use.

It goes without saying that the following pages are free from all advertising, and that I don’t have any shares in the mentioned brands.