Modernized Sud-Est coach, profile view

LS Models modernized Sud-Est B9tz coach.

These coaches are already quite old (2005) and suffer from some design flaws: very hard roof fixing, distorting windows, simplistic interior fittings, not to mention the very soft plastic chassis material that is attacked by the axles.

The interior fittings are one-piece black plastic painted grey.



Dismantling the roof is difficult. On the sides there are four clips that grip a rib of the windows. On the ends there are two lugs, both male and female, which makes the hooking very hard.

Distribution of the roof clips

Here is how I proceeded to avoid breakage (not always!): start by detaching the clips closest to the middle, by pressing on the roof. Hold the opening with a plastic card or a cocktail stick. Then release the extreme clips in the same way. Finally, by pulling in the middle of the roof, to arch it, the end clips (green arrows) give way, rather abruptly. I softened them all.


The chassis is much easier to remove, by inserting a flat screwdriver in the gap between the chassis and the body, avoiding to press on the body edge. The clips are indicated below by the red arrows.

Chassis clip distribution

As the drawbars do not fit properly, it is a good idea to remove them during the work. You can also take the opportunity to check that the central axle holder slides properly.

Continuation of the disassembly in pictures

The following is only necessary if you want to significantly improve the interior decoration. If the aim is only to install lighting, it can be done without. But lighting a poorly decorated interior is not very logical…

LSM uses rubbery glue which is not too difficult to remove, but very difficult to dispose of. There is only one gluing point at each end.

Unsticking the glazing

Extraction could probably be done without cutting the glazing but separating it into different parts makes it easier.

Sectioning of the glazing

Note: in this photo, a floor decoration is already in place and the seats already painted.

Simply pull the glass away from the wall and then pull upwards.

Removing the end windows

Same thing, a little more difficult because the small door windows are well recessed and the toilet wall is in the way. You should not hesitate to force a little.

Removing the windows

Remember to put discreet marks on the pieces of glass to put them back in the same order and on the same side of the coach. Indeed, the various irregular glue traces — which we should nevertheless try to remove — could prevent a correct reinstallation. Here is the dismantled coach.

Dismantled coach

Note the small hole in the toilet for the lighting wires…