Trains need luggage cars!

Many train compositions use luggage cars, sometimes in multiple units in the same train, for multi-slice trains. In the Nord region, mainly in the 60s and 70s, we find Nord 2-axle Dd2, Est bogie metallic, and DEV Dd4s unified luggage.

The Nord Dd2 was reproduced by MMM-RG, the Est by HOrnby acHO; I always use them despite all the faults related to their old age!

As for the DEV Dd4s, I own the grey/green version Roco model era V, with “spaghetti” logo, the only one I found, expensive and out of time for me.

So, I’ve been looking for a long time for a DEV Dd4s luggage car in original livery (Celtic green), as in the photo below, but with the spread SNCF logo. Roco released it under the reference 45101; however, it is very difficult to find.

Original DEV Dd4s luggage car

Photo CIMT-Lorraine.

So I decided to rehabilitate one of my old models. I had the choice between the Jouef model ref. 4695 here, and the France-Trains there.

Choosing the “victim”

France-Trains model

The France-Trains model is fanciful in its layout: the compartments are offset to free the bogie pivoting that otherwise would be impeded by the steps. In addition, the roof, including the glazings, fits very poorly to the body: the ends don’t have the same rounding.

France-Train model roof-to-body junction

Moreover, the windows themselves have rounding larger than the window surround.

France-Train model windows

Finally, the Y24 bogies, quite fine and bearing the SKF mark on the axle boxes, are wrong as to their wheelbase (28 mm for 26.4 to scale!). Note: the Y24L bogie, which is found under some MU sleeping cars (Brissonneau) has a wheelbase of 2500 mm, or 28.7 to scale. So it is not good either, but it would be less wrong!

France-Train model bogie

In short, you will understand that I will not choose this one. It will only serve as an inspiration for markings.

Jouef model

The Jouef model is not free from defects. Handrails and cables moulded with the body, rough bogies (but correct wheelbase!), gangway doors flush with the body, not set back, wheels… Jouef, etc. However, it is practically to scale, and has a body moulded together with the roof: no junction problem!

Already at the time, I had refined its bogies. I could now replace them with REE, or more modestly Roco parts, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. I’ll see after the changes.

Proposed operations