View of lighting strips for Express Nord

Lighting strips for Express Nord coaches

Excess lighting strips!

For more than a year now, I stopped making my own PCBs: presensitized plates of decreasing quality, handling of chemicals not compatible with ecology, printing of mediocre films, and thus unconvincing results.

So I decided to learn a PCB software, Kicad, and I order circuits from a provider, Chinese of course because the European are expensive, and the American are cheaper, but with restricted choices (colours, thicknesses) and prohibitive transport costs.

The only disadvantage is the need to order the circuits in sets of five identical. As a result, I have a number of unused circuits.

So, I thought this might be of interest to some hobbyists who are not afraid to solder SMD components. Of course, the number of circuits available is limited, usually 2 or 3. However, if you need more, I can then start a new production.

Please note: these circuits are designed to work only in DCC. They are not all perfect. If there is a small error in length or numbering, for example, I report it and correct it if possible.

With some exceptions, there is one LED per compartment (exactly in the centre), or per row, plus one per toilet. Sometimes, a strip can be used for different diagrams, and therefore can receive a variable number of LEDs.

List of available circuits (may vary)

Here is a table of the PCBs currently proposed. A PDF containing a list of components and the layout diagram is available.

Coach / Link
to description
Brand Number
of LEDs
Est « Romilly » (PDF rectified) De Massini 12
DEV A4c4B5c5 HJ 11
DEV A9 long HJ 11
DEV B10 long HJ 12
RIB (headlights) HJ 4
DR UIC-Y A, B, AB HR 11 or 12
Nord Express A, AB LSM 11 or 12
Nord Express B, BD LSM 9 or 10
Nord Rapide ABD LSM 11
Nord Rapide A, B, AB LSM 11 or 12
Sud-Est 3-axle B9 LSM 9
NMBS I4 A, AB LSM 11 or 12
USI LSM/Heris 12
VTU LSM 24 (yes!)
NMBS M2 AB, B, BD Märklin 12 or 13
OCEM FL B10 MoWo 12
OCEM FL B3r MoWo 10
DEV AB6 U46 REE 11
DEV B10 U50 REE 12
Bruhat B10 Roco 13
DB TEE Apm, Avm Roco, Piko 11
DB TEE ARDm, WRm Roco 13
DEV Dd4s Roco 4
Est B11 Roco 15
UIC-X A, AB, B, AR Roco, Piko,
12 to 14
XR 7300, 7800 unified Roco 12

If you are interested, please let me know. The conditions will be very reasonable, as I have no interest in keeping these PCBs to myself.