Aesthetic improvements

Installing the rear air tank

The additional provided buffer beam is divided into three parts: buffer beam itself, tank, and guard plate. I keep only the tank, which I mill according to this diagram:

Just glue it on the NEM box.

Milling the air tank

Replacing the fan grill

I didn’t do it yet. So, this is for the moment only a thought. Without wanting a grid pitch as fine as in reality, I found that the small sachets of baptismal or marriage dragées are made in a fabric (tulle?) whose mesh is about 0.5 mm, much finer than that of the original grill. It could be placed on a frame made of 0.3 mm diam. bronze, nickel silver or iron wire. I think the look could get pretty close to this real photo, found on the Loco Revue forum.

The only problem would be to paint this grid without filling it…

Other solutions, less “miserable”:

  • Square mesh grid with 0.4 mm pitch. It has, however, the fault of having too much thick “threads”.
  • Bronze wire gauze. This would be by far the best, but also the most expensive solution…

Actual grill

Photo HMC

As for the lateral grills, whose diamond pitch is 1.55 mm wide and should actually be about 0.7, I have not found a “fake” solution at the moment! Perhaps by stretching one of the grills seen above to transform the squares into diamonds? The Decapod mesh no. 9002, and the Microscale 652-3501, have a pitch of 1.25, which is not significantly smaller than the current one. And there is nothing very visible behind it, unlike the roof grill under which the fan is located.

Personally, I would have preferred a non-through all-plastic engraving, but to scale. The solution chosen, probably more expensive (inserts), reminds me of the one used in the 60s by Jouef for the shutters of BB 13000, 16000 and CC 40100, among others, which were openwork but very roughly engraved. At the time, I found it very nice, but I still preferred the 40100 Lima (for the body, not for the bogies)…

Décapod ref. 9003 nickel silver 0.1mm ;
sheet 70mm × 110mm,
€5.92 — price 2015,
at micro modele

Bronze wire gauze 200 × 200 mm,
0.5 mm mesh, 0.04 mm wire
€12.30 - price 2015
See page 64 of the L’Octant catalogue.