Height of boxes

With an inside height of 50 mm, the external height will be, from bottom to lid: cardboard 0.7, clear height 50, extruded polystyrene 3, cardboard 0.4, making a total of 54.1 or 55 mm by rounding. On the height of the Curver box, four boxes can therefore be stacked.

Section of a box

Section of a width partitioned box

  1. Lid
  2. Bottom
  3. Long side tongue
  4. 3 mm thick extruded polystyrene side
  5. 3 mm thick extruded polystyrene top dressing
  6. buffer pad (one or two layers of 6 mm thick extruded polystyrene)
  7. 6 mm thick extruded polystyrene divider