The original idea

Maximum equipment in minimum space

First, I honestly want to note that I am not the only one having had this kind of idea.

Here is the idea: for my railway rolling stock storage, large flat boxes of standardized dimensions, containing typical compositions, and allowing a much faster storage than the original boxes, without risk for the models (I’ve not got a permanent layout, so I have to get out and in my models quite often).


  1. Vehicles must be put on their wheels, separated by dividers preventing excessive movement.
  2. Depending on the length of the coaches or wagons, the boxes shall be capable of being partitioned in length or width.
  3. The box format must be adapted to the 30 litre Curver Unibox plastic boxes (useful inside dimensions 400 × 320 mm, height 220 mm), while allowing easy removal.
    Warning! Useful dimensions of new Curver boxes have changed: 395 × 305 × 245; they are not suitable, especially for width.
  4. The equipment must be protected against shocks and moderate movements, because the boxes will be carried by the amateur and not by hurried handlers…
  5. A cell width must be at least 36 mm, a value which seems to be suitable for any rolling stock to HO scale, since it corresponds very closely to the UIC gauge (which is not always the case, see Makette, for example).
    Note: for Morop’s NEM 301 standard, the gauge must be 40 mm.
  6. The useful height must be such that any standard rolling stock can be stored: 50 mm (UIC gauge 49.2 mm to 1/87, of course). Note: for NEM 301, minimum height is 57 mm.